We're one of the most active venture capital firms in the Southwest.


We couple our targeted network with tools, systems, and experience that have been deliberately built to reduce risk. We leverage these assets to assist in the heaving lifting required to get the companies we work with moving faster. 


Our Team


Nathan Mortensen
Principal, LinkedIn


Jeff Pruitt
Partner, LinkedIn


Dave Holthe
Partner, LinkedIn


Allan Kaplan
Investment Committee Member, LinkedIn



Our Core Values

We rally around three core values that guide who we invest in and how we act.



Principled Accountability


We act with Integrity - doing what’s right and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with one another, as we move forward. When we say we’re going to do something, we do it, and we trust our team and founders when they say the same.





We have the entrepreneur’s back, and we guide them towards success. We believe in both the person and the idea. With humility, perspective and responsiveness, we join the entrepreneur in the arena.




We may dream big, but our heads are not in the clouds. We are realistic but never pessimistic, as we use data and speed to quickly validate great ideas in order to find the best path for success. It's the only way to win!