Our Focus

We love B2B technology companies with a working product, market validation, and a big vision. For these companies, we look to invest $100,000 to $500,000 in the Seed and Post-Seed stages.


Founder Criteria

We love scrappy entrepreneurs that know what to do with constructive and honest feedback. If you want to work with investors that are in your corner and help you bust through barriers, let’s join forces. 


Here are the core values we look for in every entrepreneur we work with.


Soulful Individuality

Soulful Individuality_Tallwave Capital.jpg

We are impassioned about the innovative people we invest in. We embrace the distinctive value they bring to the table. 




We embrace innovative responses to customer and market feedback. We value insight into the why as much as the how.

Agile Problem Solving


We look for driven leaders, relentless in their pursuit of realizing their vision. We don’t accept the status quo while building the future together.

Our Approach

What is our secret sauce? We couple our targeted network with tools, systems, and experience that have been deliberately built to reduce risk.

We leverage these assets to assist in the heavy lifting required to get the company moving faster. 

Our Portfolio

For early stage entrepreneurs who have an innovative idea that could change the world, we provide accountable funding, expansive networks, and proven systems to help solve the most pressing business, product, and growth challenges.

Don’t believe us? Just talk to our great founders.